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Techy Dictator is a platform that provides technology write for us opportunities to guest bloggers to submit a technology guest post on new tech innovations, hi-tech inventions, and tech bizz.  The primary goal of the website is to provide helpful and engaging content to the audience on the latest technology trends, software, business, gadgets, digital marketing, etc.

We provide writing opportunities to writers, content marketers, digital marketers, and authors to “write for us” and deliver unique and high-quality content to our website. Techydictator is the one-stop solution for entrepreneurs, professional content writers, businesses, bloggers & startups as they can share their views, and technical knowledge with a large audience.

Technology Write For Us

What is Technology Write For Us?

Technology write for us is not a page on our website but it is a medium that encourages the users to share their thoughts with the audience on tech, business, gadgets, education, etc. If you have a passion for writing then we have the correct platform for you where you can write compelling and insightful content on the topics suggested below.

Topics We Consider for Technology Guest Post

You can share the content on topics such as

Remember These Points to Submit Your Guest Post

Technology Write For Us/ Guest Post Guidelines

The contributor who submits to submit the technology guest post with us must have to fulfill certain requirements. If you think that your content fulfill the below requirements then feel free to share it at techydictator@gmail.com. If you have any queries regarding “write for technology” then feel free to draft an email to us we will get back to you within 12 hours.

Unique Content

We love the users who share unique and informational content with us. There are high chances that your blog will get accepted on Techydictator if you share well-researched content on the topics suggested above. There is no space for Plagiarism content on this platform and we will not entertain the users who will take content from other websites and with a little bit of modifications share the same content with us.

Our editorial team will personally review all the content and only publish the articles with good readability. Provide the content as per the Google Guidelines or take help from Wikipedia or Forbes, or else our team will right away reject your content.

Article Length

Share the lengthy content with us. The article will be of a minimum of 700 words. 


Make proper use of graphs, stats, and images relevant to the content you shared. If you have taken images from other websites then don’t forget to mention the image credit link.

External Links

You can add a link to your content but make sure it should not be a promotional link and must be related to the content.

Content Formats

Share the content in formats, like- “Docs”, “DOCX”, and “Google Docs Sheet”.


Make the content attractive with proper use of headings, and subheadings. 


If you want then you can include an author's personal photo and a short bio. 

Approval Time

Hence it is a sponsored post the top content should get approved. Our editorial team will hardly take 12 hours to review the content and share the published URL with you within 24 hours.

Benefits of Submitting a Technology Guest Post with Us

Increase domain authority

Each and every website needs a domain authority and there are chances that you can boost your website DA by delivering top-notch content to Techy Dictator.

Increase Traffic

The majority of our content ranks in the top positions on search engines. If you choose to write the content on topics with large search volume and low difficulty that there are more likely chances that it would rank on top potions are you will be able to drive more traffic to your blog. 

Large Audience

You will get a large audience as more and more people will view your blog that in turn drive more leads and sales.

Social Media Benefits

We will share your content on our social media platforms which will increase your content engagement and you get a huge traffic base.

Improve writing skills

If you are passionate about writing then this platform would be a great source to submit your content and improve your writing skills.

How to share your content with us?

If you are a tech lover and want to share technical knowledge with our huge audience then you can share your content with us at techydictator@gmail.com. The article should be there in the following format. 




Headings, Media, External Links, Internal links (if there is a chance) and Conclusion

Author Bio:

 Do not forget to mention the email subject as “technology write for us” or “write for us technology”. If you have any queries in your mind you can ask them, and you will get a revert back from us within 12 hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I send my guest post to techydictator?

We are always in need of great content.  If your article satisfies our guest post guidelines then without wasting a second you can share on the email id mentioned above.

What would be the link type in guest posts?

We only accept links that are related to the content and non-promotional. For sure we will provide you with do-follow link.

What really does technology write for us mean?

It is not only a static page on a website but a medium that connects passionate writers with us.  Bloggers or contributors can write for us on technology, business, gadgets, etc, and can get various benefits including

  • High Traffic
  • Large audience
  • Improve Domain Authority
  • Improved rankings

How we can contact you?

You can either send us an email at techydictator@gmail.com or you can fill up the form present on the homepage for any query.

Do you accept guest posts on any topics other than the mentioned ones?

No, we only accept guest posts on the technology-related topics that are mentioned above.

How many days will it take to publish our content?

Your content will get published with us within 12 or maximum of 24 hours.

How to will promote our blog once it gets published on your website?

We will share the published blog on our social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, etc.

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