Best Way to Clone SSD to New SSD in Windows 10

It is common for Windows 10 users to replace their HDD (Hard Disk Drive) with an SSD (Solid State Drive) in order to improve their operating system's performance. However, SSDs are not typically known for their large storage capacity like HDDs are, which can result in low disk space warnings after several months or seasons of use. As a result, it is not uncommon for Windows 10 users to purchase a new SSD and transfer the contents of their old SSD to the new SSD.

There are several reasons why you may want to clone an SSD to another SSD in Windows 10:

Upgrade to a larger capacity SSD: If you're running out of space on your current SSD, cloning it to a larger capacity SSD can give you more space for your files and applications without having to reinstall everything from scratch.

Upgrade to a faster SSD: Upgrading to a faster SSD can improve the overall performance of your computer, making it boot up faster and run applications more quickly.

Backup your data: Cloning your SSD to another SSD can serve as a backup of your data in case your current SSD fails or becomes corrupted.

Transfer to a new computer: Cloning your SSD to another SSD can be particularly useful when getting a new computer as it enables you to transfer all of your files and applications over to the new computer without the need to manually reinstall everything.

The best solution to clone SSD to SSD for Windows 10 users

When it comes to cloning an SSD to another SSD in Windows 10, having trustworthy cloning software is crucial. AOMEI Backupper Professional is a top-performing SSD cloning software that is highly recommended to use.

AOMEI Backupper Professional offers several key benefits for cloning SSDs in Windows 10:

▶ Intelligent Clone

With its intelligent cloning feature, it can clone a larger drive to a smaller one, or create an exact copy of the source disk using sector-by-sector cloning.

▶ SSD Alignment

The "SSD Alignment" feature optimizes SSD performance by fitting all partitions on the new SSD.

▶ User-friendly Interface

The user-friendly interface makes it easy to use, even for novices.

▶ Supports Various Brands and Models

It supports a wide range of SSD brands and models, including Samsung, Crucial, WD, SATA, and M.2 NVMe SSDs.

▶ Supports Various Windows System

This software is compatible with Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 7, Windows XP, and Windows Vista.

How to Clone SSD to New SSD in Windows 10

Next, I will demonstrate how to clone an SSD to a new SSD on Windows 10 using the Pro edition of AOMEI Backupper. Begin by connecting the new SSD to your computer.


There are a few important points to consider before starting the cloning process:

Ensure that the new SSD is installed on your computer. If your computer has just one slot, it's worth considering the use of an adapter or SSD enclosure to connect the new SSD.Initialize the new SSD. 

To avoid the need to change the boot mode after cloning, it's advisable to match the partition style (MBR/GPT) of the new SSD to that of the source disk.

If you have important files stored on the target SSD, consider making a backup using AOMEI Backupper before proceeding with the cloning process.

Step 1. First install and launch AOMEI Backupper on your computer, and then select Clone followed by Disk Clone.


How to Clone SSD to New SSD in Windows 10

Step 2. Select the old SSD as the source disk for the cloning process, and choose the new SSD as the destination path for the cloned data.

Step 3. Here strongly recommend checking the SSD Alignment box as the destination drive is an SSD. Enabling this option will not just increase the read and write speed, but also extend the lifespan of the SSD. Once checked, click on Start Clone to begin the process of cloning your SSD to the new SSD.

Step 4. In order to start your PC using the new SSD after cloning, you will need to either change the boot sequence in the BIOS or manually replace the old SSD with the new one.


Now you know how to clone SSD to new SSD in Windows 10 with the best clone software– AOMEI Backupper Professional. It has an intelligent cloning feature that enables it to clone larger drives to smaller ones, and you can optimize SSD performance by selecting the SSD Alignment option. This software supports almost all common SSD brands and models as well as many Windows systems. The best point is that even novices can get started quickly!

Besides being a top-performing SSD cloning software, AOMEI Backupper is also considered the best backup software for Windows. You can even clone Windows 11 to new SSD. Don't hesitate to try it for yourself!

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