What is Snapsave App? Its Uses To Download Facebook Videos

Snapsave is a famous video downloading and saving application. It allows users to save videos from Facebook in Full HD, 2K and 4K. Snap Save enables you to save any video from Facebook directly into your phone without compromising the quality. It’s available on Google and Apple Store. This can also work on tablets and other OS devices. It's free to use and only works with the support of Ads. 


How to use the snapsave app

    Guide for Facebook:

    The SnapSave app has a simple user interface. 

    Step 1:

    When you open the app in the drop-down menu, you must select "Browser Facebook". 

    Step 2:

    There just log in into your account. And From there search for the videos you want to download. 

    Step 3:

    For downloading on device, long press on it and click download.

    Another way to download the video is through the link. While you are scrolling through Facebook, you have found a particular video you like. Under share button you will find the link.

    Step 4:

    Then come on the SnapSave app, open it paste your link, and start downloading.

    Guide for Instagram/Tiktok:

    Step 1:

    Download the snapsave app for Instagram into your smartphone or other devices. And for Tiktok, download the snapsave app for Tiktok.

    Step 2:

    Then open and log in to your Instagram ID.

    Step 3:

    Now you can download any video just by holding a long press on the video. Click on download to get your video.

    Guide for SnapSave.app Website:

    Works on the browser as well. Just open their website and fill in the search bar with the link to videos from all three platforms. And you can save it on the device. On their website, video tutorials are also present to educate people on how the website works. 

    Why do people use SnapSave?

    SnapSave app can easily be used on browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Safari. Where even some usual websites sometimes do not work correctly. And give users the freedom to download videos in different formats. Several other reasons are givens below:

    • Save videos can be watched offline.
    • These videos can be shared with others
    • Audio can be separated from the video.
    • Even images can be taken from the videos.
    • Their videos can be converted into various formats, which makes them easier to edit.

    Is it safe to use?

    It's safe because all the videos saved through them are stored on Facebook or your device. Their work is to render the video with good quality, with no missing audio files and archives. 

    Suppose you are using the Snapsave app to save others' videos and create something new out of them. SanpSave is an ideal platform to do that. A few good apps are suggested for editing videos on your phone. 

    Video Editing on your phone:


    It's a cloud-based video editing software that works on phones and browsers. They also include a library of commercially licensed music and the ability to edit audio. Unfortunately, the free version only provides 10GB of cloud storage. The video can be taken from any device and providing a 4K exporting option. The watermark is the downside of using the free version which can only be removed with paid version.


    Do what its name means, merging different videos to create a collage. This app only works on iOS devices. It allows you to edit and trim several clips. And add customised transactions on them. It's easy to use, and no sign is required. The best part is it does not add watermarks to the edited videos. There is also a subscription version of this app which charges costs $2.99 per week.

    Adobe Premiere Rush:

    Adobe is already famous for its video and photo editing software. It is free to use on computers and phones. It's the gateway into the complete Adobe Premiere Pro video editor for desktop. It's easy to use, and if you get stuck at any point, plenty of online tutorials help you. It's professional software but beginner friendly. It has many transactions and effects to apply to the video and audio. It comes with trim, drags and drops functionality. Inserting texts into the videos along with animating them.

    And if you are thinking of starting creating your videos. It's essential to have excellent camera gear to produce good quality video and images to work with. A camerapro discount code is provided to you on all the cameras and accessories they carry on their website. Cameras from huge brands are available there.


    This blog post has been written to inform you about the Snapsave app and how it functions. This blog also discusses why it has gained popularity and it’s safe to use. Furthermore, video editing software for mobile has also been suggested. 

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