Levo PA71 Power Bank Review 2023: Specifications, Features & Benefits

 Do you need a failsafe and inexpensive power bank for charging your devices on the go? Do you need something lightweight, portable, and easy to carry, with a good battery life and a solar panel for backup? Well, the Levo PA71 is one such power bank. Compact and portable, but with a long-lasting battery and solar cells, It is an excellent choice for anyone who stays out for most of the day and could use a little top-up for their devices. So what else is unique about the Levo PA71? Let’s take a closer look at this nifty little device:

Levo PA71

Levo PA71 charge capacity

    The Levo PA71’s capacity is almost 71000 mAh. 40000 mAh is considered fast, so 71000 mAh is super quick. So you can simultaneously give your mobile phone and laptop a power boost without waiting for ages! A power capacity of this size also means you can charge your phone seven times a day. 

    In terms of the Levo PA71 power bank’s actual storage capacity, the bank’s Li-ion battery is 10000 MAh. this allows your Levo PA71 to charge even the highest power consuming devices in just a few minutes!

    Levo PA71 charging time

    On top of this unrivalled battery capacity, the Levo PA71 can also charge at a blisteringly high speed. The Levo PA71 only needs 4 hours for a full charge.

    Levo PA71 batteries

    The Levo PA71 power bank has a unique brass motor that can effortlessly work up to 90NM torque. This means the Levo PA71 can produce over 700 watts to power all your devices. In addition, if the battery does later start to fail, it is possible to replace the Levo PA71’s battery later on for more years of full, high-speed charges - this isn’t a feature all power banks offer.

    Levo PA71 ports

    One unique feature of the Levo PA71 is that this power bank has multiple ports. First, it offers the standard USB port, which gives most portable devices a power boost, including everything from phones to a toothbrush. However, on top of this, the Levo PA71 also has an AC port. This opens up the possibility of charging a range of larger devices on the go, too, not least your laptop. Don’t worry about potentially short-circuiting or surging the Levo PA71, either - this power bank is designed to safely charge both a USB and an AC device at the same time.

    Levo PA71 solar panels

    Sure, it’s possible to charge your power bank by plugging in another USB or AC solar panel. But for those who don’t want to carry around yet another bulky device, the Levo PA71’s unique built-in solar panels will help you out. These innovative solar cells allow you to leave your Levo PA71 lying around, which will charge as long as it is directly in the sunlight. This is perfect for anyone who spends long periods outside or just forgot to charge their Levo PA71 in the conventional way. This can also help you save on electricity in your daily life and can even allow you to charge other power banks!

    Levo PA71 portability

    The Levo PA71 is also a compact and lightweight power bank. This makes it easy to take it anywhere you need to go. So even on the most remote work tours with fast internet or camping trips, your Levo PA71 can keep your mobile phone and laptop working for three days!

    Levo PA71 design

    The Levo PA71 is a power bank with a modern, compact design and shape. It is easy to clean and maintain, with a simple design. The Levo PA71 is available in both black and silver. This power bank even has a built-in LED flashlight to help you in emergencies.

    The Levo PA71 power bank weighs in at just 16 ounces. Its size is a mere 6.5 x 3.5 x 1.3 inches, meaning this bank is simple to carry around or display. This power bank is available in a range of colours, too.

    Ever wondered how much power was left in your power bank, or whether it was indeed turned on? Wonder no more with the PA71. This power bank comes with a stylish digital LED display. This display shows the remaining power on your Levo PA71. The display also shows what power is currently input and output, so that you can keep track of how your devices are doing. 

    Levo PA71 guarantee

    Have you ever bought a power bank or another device that quickly failed? What if that happens with this one? What if you just found it difficult or confusing to use and need some support? Well, don’t worry, because Levo offers a one-year warranty. Up to one year after you purchase the Levo PA71, you can access help or have your product repaired. Levo offers this guarantee because they believe their power banks and other products are of the highest, most reliable quality. 

    Levo PA71 cost

    The Levo PA71 is a brand-new power bank that promises up to 10 hours of battery life for multiple devices and is always ready for action, as long as it’s sunny enough outside. It is rugged and durable, with the potential to last for years. However, the Levo PA71 remains small and portable, with the option to add the bank to your bag or wear it as a stylish key chain!

    Considering all this, the Levo PA71’s $25 price tag seems reasonable. For this amount, you’ve got an excellent, wearable accessory that can keep most devices going for a weekend and even has a solar cell. But, of course, some people would pay this much for the cool flashlight's functionality!

    Where can I get a Levo PA71?

    If all this makes the Levo PA71 sound like the right power bank for you, you’re probably wondering where you can get your hands on one. Well, unfortunately, you can’t currently buy a Levo PA71 on Levo’s official website. However, the popular Levo PA71 is available in many a local electronic store. Indeed, you can find the Levo PA71 in some larger electronic stores, too. Failing that, head to Amazon to get a Levo PA71 at a decent price!

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