How To Have Keka Login With Keka.com?

 Keka HR is a robust HRMS software that has been developed to simply HR related tasks of the organization. It helps companies on large scale to prepare custom-made HR solutions for several different business sectors. Keka has been awarded as the Top Rated Workforce Management Software by the software world. In this article, we will let you know how to have Keka Login and simple steps to create an account on Keka. This HR software aids support in different areas including

Keka Login

With Keka software you can reinvest the way of managing the Payroll.  Salary disbursal can be done in just a few clicks with the help of this software. You can also release the pay slips in several different formats that your employees can easily download from any device.

Attendance and Leave:

As per your work culture, you can easily configure the leave policies by using Keka software.

Performance Management:

You can easily measure employee performance within seconds with this 360-degree performance management software. 

Applicant Tracking system:

Keka applicant tracking system will ensure that you would get highly deserving candidates for the job with the pre-employment test, scorecard decisions, job boards, and so on.

    How To create an account on Keka?

    Nowadays several known brands like upGrad, Razorpay, etc make use of Keka software for various HR-related tasks. If you want to use the functionalities of this software then you are required to register yourself on Keka. Follow these steps to get yourself registered on this HR software.

    • First of all, you are required to open the official website at https://www.keka.com/.
    • You will now get landed on the homepage, when you scroll down at the bottom you will come across a button as “get started” simply click on that.
    • You will now get redirected to the registration page where you are required to fill out the essential details starting with your name.
    • Then you are required to provide your phone number and email address as well.
    • Click on the “Next” option to complete the rest of the signup process.

    You are now been registered on Keka and you will receive a confirmation email at your email address or phone number. You can now log in to your account with the login credentials that you have used by registering your account on this HR software.

    The free option is available for first-time users thereafter you are required to purchase the paid plans.

    How To Have Keka Login?

    Once you have successfully registered on Keka software then you can log in to your account and access your profile with Kekalogin. Follow the underneath steps to have Keka Login

    • Visit the official website https://www.keka.com/, there you will find the login option at the top of the screen.
    • Click on the login option.
    • Then you are required to provide the email address that you have used while your registration process on kaka.
    • After the email address, you are required to provide the password that you might have received after registering yourself on this platform. 
    • Click on the Login option.

    You can now access the functionalities of this software. The Keka login process is very simple and any employee or employer can easily access this software.

    How To recover your Keka Password?

    If you have not received any email with the password after your account registration with Keka then how to have Keka Login?

    Don’t get stressed if you have not received any email with the password from Keka, follow these steps

    • Open the official website of Keka at https://www.keka.com/.
    • Click on the option not received an email yet, send it again. There you can enter your email address and this time you will for sure receive your KekaLogin password. Make sure to check the junk emails also as sometimes emails get stuck in the junk folders as well.


    Keka login HR payroll software Plans

    • It provides packaging features to startup companies and big Corporations.
    • You can choose the package as per your needs and requirements.
    • The Initial package for the companies is  INR 6999 per month.
    • The employee's package will cost you  INR 60 per month.
    • The third package is named to be growth.
    • Employers can easily track employees’ performance with the Keka software.
    • Next Plan is named to be Blue Collar pricing. It would be really beneficial to startup companies.

    Keka software Features

    • This HRMS software provides various services including management compliance, compensation, payroll software expense, etc.
    • It offers a built-in calculation system that allows the employer to change employees’ salary status per the financial adjustment.
    • According to the leave and attendance, it manages the payroll structure.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How to have Keka Login?

    Open the official website and follow the steps mentioned above to have Kekalogin.

    How to Login to Keka account remotely?

    You are required to choose the option ‘Remote clock-in” on the homepage if you want to have Keka login from a remote location. You are required to click on ‘Enable Remote clock-in and click on the save button.

    How much does Keka HR Payroll Platform cost?

    Keka HR Payroll Platform has 3 plans,

    • GROWTH INR 13999 For 100 Employees

    • STRENGTH INR 9999 For 100 Users

    • FOUNDATION INR 6999 For 100 Users

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