What is Isotdown & Why You Should Know About It?

  When you are running a website then you might be aware of certain errors and warnings that might be associated with it. Many users might face the issue known to be “unavailable” while trying to open their website on the web. You can check the Isodown status of your website using various tools available online. If you do SEO work on the websites then this error would be very common to you guys and you are very prone to check the server status.


There are various reasons why your website would not work well. The reason would be either “server 404” or “unavailable”.  We suggest you check the Isodown status of your website by using the different tools that are available on the internet. 

    What is Isotdown?

    Isotdown monitors the status of your website and checks whether it is down or not. There are several other tools that will check whether the website is down for everyone or for you only. Let’s take an example if you are unable to log in to Facebook or it can’t load then you can check whether Facebook is down or not, by checking it with various tools we will let you know that either the Facebook server is down or there might be some issue with your internet connection.

    It might happen at certain times that your website would be unavailable in certain locations and it might cause the users to leave your website which might affect your website traffic and reputation too. So we suggest you monitor the website uptime on regular basis.

    How to determine the down websites?

    When your website is not working well or you are unable to open it on any of the browsers then there is a need to find out the reason why such an issue is happening. You are now required to check the “Isotdown “status of your website using various test tools. You are required to enter the URL of the website and a real-time test would be conducted on your domain using the online website checker tool. You will get the website status on your email address. You can use these tools free of cost.

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    Ways to check Isodown websites

    Websites can be down due to various issues like there might be an error with your DNS settings, hosting provider, or web applications. There can be security issues also like hackers attempting to penetrate to your website. Website downtime can reduce the number of users to your website that in turn reduce the revenue. Take the example of Amazon which has been reported to lose $4.8 million after going down for only 40 minutes. 

    Here are several ways by which you can check if a website is down. 

    1: Check with the website planet

    It is the online website checker tool that will let you know whether your website is working or not in real time. 

    2: Check with Host Tracker

    This website will give out more information as compared to that of website planet. It will deeply analyze the website with several aspects like checking the page speed, HTTPS, ping, trace, port, health, and security. 

    It will also inform you by generating automated notifications when your website is down.

    3: Check with Site24x7

    You can check the isotdown status of your website by using this tool. It will monitor your website availability from more than 60 different locations, including London, China, Barcelona, New York, etc. In not only provide you the website status but also provide clear information about the total response time, the time to resolve DNS etc.

    4: Check with HideMy.name Proxy Server

    HideMy.name offers an exceptional method for really looking at your site status by using an intermediary server to divert your site to various areas and check its status.

    Isotdown checker sites results

    There are various servers across several regions and with the help of them you can check your website status like whether the status is status isotdown or not. In the results, the first row will come up with successful attempts. If the website is taking too much time in loading then you can assume that it might be down for all the users. Visitors might wait for max to max 2 seconds and after that, they will right away close the website.

    What can be the reasons behind the website being down?

    There might be various reasons that make your website go down, some of them are as under

    • When there is an issue with the web hosting provider then it might happen that website might go down or take too much time to get open.
    • When you are having too many visitors to your website then hackers might try to hack your website. This reason also lets your website be isotdown.
    • Database problems can also let your website to work slowly. Various software issues also let your website run slow as usual.
    • Hardware failure can be another reason for the website being down.
    • There are several websites on the internet of similar names and this can be one of the reasons for website Isotdown status.


    In this article, we have covered all the reasons that make your website down and the tools by using which you can check your website status. Isotdown problems in the website make the owners really depressed as their website traffic and revenue get down, and users might leave their website due to website down the issue.

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