What is an SEO Copywriter?

 Are you an infopreneur, blogger, craftsman, or merchant, your business needs visibility on the Internet and you are looking for solutions? You've heard of paid advertising, but you're not too excited. You are right, natural referencing is an excellent method to develop regular and lasting visibility for your site on the Web. So to maximize this and generate significant, quality traffic: call on an SEO web editor. The latter will improve your SEO and offer you quality content: thus it will quickly become your best ally. Find out why in this article.

SEO Copywriter

He is above all a web editor

A web editor is a professional ghostwriter for the web. He knows how to write. But above all, he knows how to write for the Web! I am emphasizing the word "Web" heavily, I know because the web editor is not a writer. He likes to write and he likes to play with words, but writing content for the Internet remains a very different job from “literary” writing. It must not lose its reader in long sentences punctuated with rare words: its style must be clear, synthetic, and pleasant for all readers of the site. You will say to me: “Ok Audrey, that's good, but you promised to answer the question: what is an SEO web editor?”

He is an editor who writes for his readers and for Google

Yes, an SEO web editor is a web editor who writes optimized texts. He knows the workings of SEO and can write his briefings himself. Convenient, isn't it?

Uh… but what is SEO?

SEO: "Search Engine Optimization" means "Optimization for search engines", and includes a set of techniques implemented to position a website in the first pages of results of the SERP ("Search Engine Results Page"), in other words, the results pages of a search engine. And an article in the first place on the first page of Google means a lot of visits!

The No. 1 objective of the SEO web editor

The SEO web editor seeks to propel his article into the TOP 3 of the first page: this is his daily challenge. And he performs the dance of joy every time he succeeds (true)! Because for each (super) well-positioned article, he ensures his client significant traffic. Also he needs to avoid plagiarism while writing content for a website to provide unique and valuable information to the readers.

How does he do it?

From the choice of the subject to the final delivery, the sea web editor respects many steps. Without revealing everything to you because a magician does not reveal his best secrets – I share with you 5 areas on which the SEO Web editor is uncompromising!

1/ He is looking for an interesting article subject: it's silly to say and to write. But it doesn't matter to be number 1 on a key query that no one is looking for. The SEO web editor wants to rank, but on relevant queries.

2/ He brings real added value to his article: he uses reliable sources, he opts for an interesting point of view, and he knows how to give original and unique information.

3/ He masters the art and the way of using keywords and a developed semantic field without overwhelming the reader.

4/ it is (very) sensitive to UX (User Experience). He wants the reader to have a good time reading his article.

5/ He works on a daily basis with various tools such as Google Analytics and the Google Search Console: the web editor knows how to use them to improve the referencing of a site.

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What are the qualities of an SEO web editor?

They are (really very) numerous, here are a few:

• it is curious but effective;

• he likes to write, but the figures to be analyzed during an SEO audit do not put him off;

• he is a teacher who likes to explain but has an excellent spirit of synthesis;

• he is on the lookout for updates, because the Google algorithm is constantly evolving;

• he likes experiments: testing to better position himself on a key query is part of his favorite pastime;

• He trains and gets informed regularly: he is a bulimic for discovery and learning!

He is a writing professional with whom it is interesting to collaborate

Are you still hesitant to outsource your content? Here are some advantages of working with an SEO web editor:

• he knows how to write;

• he knows how to write for the Web;

• it offers you optimized content, but still pleasant to read;

• it adapts to your style;

• he writes articles with real added value;

• it is concerned with keeping your readers on your site;

• it knows how to redirect them to relevant pages;

• he does not just place keywords: he knows Google's recommendations so that his article has every chance of propelling itself into the first places;

• he has a transversal vision of the Web: often the SEO web editor can offer you advice on digital strategy;

• he always has ideas for relevant articles;

• it follows your editorial line;

• he knows when to publish your articles so that it has the maximum impact;

• it converts your prospects into customers;

• Finally, he is autonomous: entrust him with your content, and he will be able to attract the right audience!

He is a widely used writer on LRDW

LRDW is full of SEO web editors who are trained by Lucie Ronde let. You can even build your own team of writers, as everyone has their own areas of expertise. To find the rare pearl, browse the articles published on our blog and you will quickly realize that pleasing our readers and pampering the search engine algorithm are our priorities! And to help you make your choice, discover our infallible tips for finding a good web editor. Have you called on an SEO web editor from the LRDW to boost your traffic? Do not hesitate to share your impressions with us!

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