Sennheiser GAME ONE | Headphones Review 2023

 Sennheiser GAME ONE is the best gaming headset with amazing sound quality. There are various mic that causes issues while chatting so ultra-bassy-voiced gamers should opt for headsets that have great sound quality.  Sound issues can even affect one’s winning chances in the game. 

So in our EPOS|SENNHEISER Game One Gaming Headset review we will list out its features, performance and what are the additional features that make this headset different from others whether in terms of comfort, sound quality, etc. It is unashamedly styled for gamers.

Sennheiser GAME ONE

EPOS|SENNHEISER is a company that is famous for providing world-class headsets with amazing audio quality.


• Dynamic drivers (neodymium magnet)

• 50 Ω impedance

• 15-28,000 Hz frequency response (as mentioned by the manufacturer)

• Open-back, over-ear design

• Pivotable noise-canceling microphone

• 3.5-mm connectivity (TRRS and dual TRS)

• 3 m detachable, braided cable (dual TRS) + 1.2 m detachable, braided cable (TRRS)

• Built-in volume dial

• Weight: 300 g

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EPOS|SENNHEISER Game One Pros & Cons


  • Very comfortable to wear.
  • They are durable
  • Great sound quality for Gaming.
  • You can easily control the mic using a mute button.


  • You will not able to get Bluetooth connectivity.
  • No noise isolation.
  • The plastic pivots are an expected flimsy part.


EPOS|SENNHEISER Game One that we have reviewed so far is black and red color. These look all of their 300 grams to be a bunch of gaming earphones. To go for something more stifled and somewhat less prone to get you seen, there's a white rendition with similar red accents. This gaming headphone is having a mic that is nonremovable and no doubt it works nicely but when sometimes you are done with the gaming and want to act as a pilot then it seems to be a little bit annoying.

One more issue that you might face with this mic is that when you move out of the house and want to carry this headphone then you are forcefully required to carry this mic whether you want it to carry or not.

Sennheiser GAME ONE does not really work well for traveling purposes.

SENNHEISER Game One Packaging

This headset basically comes in a small black box with a white cover sleeve. At the front part of the box, you will be able to see the logo and the labels (something written over it about the product).

On the sides of the headset, you will find its history and a little bit of information about the product. This will briefly describe how and where it is basically made. On the back side of the box, you will be able to see the diagram of the product describing its several features.

You just need to slide out the white cover sleeve to open the box and after opening it you will find a foam inside that is used to keep the item in place and to protect it from further damage. The things inside are the actual headset and an additional link for the helper. There might be no guidance manual given on the grounds that you will find all the item data given on their authority site.

Build Quality

While making SENNHEISER Game One lot of plastic is being used. The headband and the case both are made up of plastic and that to be of cheap plastic. On first impression, you won’t find this headphone as a premium one as it is made up of cheap plastic. Headset's weak point is the hinges and there is nothing so special with this headset. These are also weak at the hinges.

The microphone blast likewise feels not exactly premium and feels somewhat awkward to work. Not helped by the wrench component never really provides it with a sensation of value.

Comfort Zone:

The headband is too much comfortable, yet the ear covers to furnish a cozy fit with their wonderful ear cushioning. This makes it really unwinding and pleasant while playing long gaming meetings as ear covers will generally aggravate the ears over the long run. It is also having an integrated microphone that makes it easier to control the flow of communication. 

Although Sennheiser GAME ONE headphones are specially designed for gaming purposes still you can use them on your computer, phone or console.

Other Key Features

Great Hi-Fi Audio:

The foremost thing that you should keep in mind while purchasing headsets is the Hi-Fi Audio feature. Sennheiser GAME ONE headphones are the ones that possess this feature.  It is highly equipped with inaudible noise and distortion. 

Built to Last

Since we are on the subject of plan and materials, the Game One headset gives a cushioned headband and extravagant ear covers. This makes it agreeable for the client in any event, during extended periods of gaming.


If you are in the market to purchase headphones that are Bluetooth compatible then these Sennheiser GAME ONE headphones are not for you. It's a 3.5 mm split link with one contribution for the receiver and a second contribution for the earphones. Unfortunately, and honestly annoyingly, you will not have the option to utilize this link with most gaming frameworks.


One of the best features of this headphone is that it is compatible with all the devices like computers, PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Mac. You will find a cable with the help of which you can connect the headphones to other devices. If you want to remove the cable then you can simply disconnect it. 

Transducer Technology

It is a device that uses to convert sound into electrical signals and vice versa. With the help of this technology, you will be able to produce Hi-Fi audio in your headset.


We are here to close our article on Sennheiser GAME ONE review but before closing, we would like to give you the final verdict regarding the product. It is a fairly priced gaming headphone that you can use for both gaming and general listening purposes. If Bluetooth devices are not your first need then this headphone can be the best option for you. In the event that you are associated with any lengthy gaming spells, you'll view as agreeable and simple to utilize. Moreover, they're sufficiently sturdy to take the sort of discipline normal from a gamer.

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