Monkey Holding Box? Is it a Google Bot Error or a SEO Trick

 “Monkey holding a box” - When you type this query on the Google search results you will get controversial results.  When anyone wants to search for anything then they would take the help of Google. If someone wants to locate any address then Google maps would help you out. But what do you think that Google never makes mistakes?  Let’s see it with the latest search results like

Monkey Holding Box?

If you search for “Monkey holding box” in Google search what results in you will get?? You will be really shocked to see a black boy holding a cardboard box instead of a monkey carrying a box. Some people will take this as a sad joke while some consider it to be a Google Bot mistake.

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Different Search Engines Vs Google Results

When you search for the query “Monkey holding a box” Google comes up with the video but as of now all the search engines following the same trend and showing the same result as that of Google. 

From these search engine results, it is evident that if you search for a monkey doing money things in search engines, you will get irrelevant results along with irrelevant images and videos.

People nowadays trust search engines like Google more than they trust individuals and such results might disturb them as they are not getting the perfect results for their search queries. When they search for a monkey holding box they are getting results of a black boy holding a box. These are not the satisfactory results that people are getting.

Was it an error?

This video is controversial because it does not show the results per the search query. People obviously want to see images of a monkey carrying a box or playing with it if they search for the term “monkey holding box”. They want Google to come up with images or videos where they can see money playing with a box or something like that.

Google doesn’t understand the common sense that is associated with this search query but they have their own algorithm to judge the relevance of search terms.

What can be the real reason behind this error?

The main reason behind this controversial video is that the man has posted a video with the same title as a monkey carrying a box. This is the main reason that Google and other search engines are showing up this video in their search results and they fail to recognize that this is a man, not a monkey holding a box.

Just to keep his video on the top of search results that man has used such a title. Nowadays people are just searching for the query to see if the same result is showing up by Google or not.

A Youtuber highlighted this video to cover the cause of racism.

When a YouTuber searched for the term monkey holding box and found out the results of a boy carrying a box considered that racism is the real culprit behind tagging. But there was nothing like that as we have told you earlier also that the man has given this title to the video before posting it on Youtube or other mediums.

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Wrap Up:

Monkey holding a box is a video that is nowadays trending at the top of search results. Previously it only ranked at the top of Google but as it gained popularity it is now being on the top of Bing and Yahoo search results also.

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