Are you Planning a Migration to Odoo 16? 6 Useful Things to Know About

 Now that the Odoo 16 version has officially been released, many business units are planning to migrate to the latest version. Are you one of those? 

Odoo 16

If you are, then this Odoo migration article is just what you need. It includes all the important considerations alongside tips and tricks to help you migrate to Odoo 16 successfully. 

Tips to Consider Before Odoo 16 Migration 

    1. Create a data backup 

    Before you proceed with any Odoo ERP migration steps, it is most important to create a backup of your data. When you proceed with the migration steps, various crucial business data might get lost in the process if things go wrong. 

    Thus, it is extremely important to create a backup and store your data someplace safe so that you can retrieve them later. You can create a backup of all useful information in the data backup module. 

    If you don’t have the backup module, you can utilize the app Odoo database backup module for creating a backup of your file. 

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    2. Analyze customizations 

    It is necessary to analyze the level of customization that you would need with the new Odoo 16 ERP. Firstly, you will have to see how much customization has been done in the older Odoo modules. 

    Based on that, you will also have to see if the customizations made earlier have been made default in the latest version or not. If not, what are the customizations that you will have to take care of in the new Odoo module? 

    Enlisting those should help you proceed with the steps of  Odoo 16  migration. 

    3. Identify migration requirements 

    You need to determine first why you want to migrate to the latest Odoo 16 version. If your existing ERP has gone out of support or it isn’t working as effectively as you want it to? 

    So, you need to decide the reason for migration so you don’t spend unnecessarily. If you are already using Odoo version 13 or before, it is the best time to migrate to Odoo 16 as the ERP software provides support for its last 3 latest versions. 

    Furthermore, if you believe upgrading to the latest Odoo 16 will give you access to exclusive new features that can help improve your business returns, you should go ahead with the migration.

    4. Compare database schema 

    Before proceeding with the migration process, you have to check your database schema with that of the new version. If there is a change, you will need to change the schema to the appropriate version type to avoid any incident of conflict. 

    After you have changed the database schema to a compatible one, you can start migrating to the latest version of Odoo.

    5. Manual intervention in database 

    Have you added, modified, or removed anything from the database table? If you have done any modifications manually, you will need to do those again after the migration process completes. You can do the same process again by manually adding the columns. 

    6. Consider budget 

    Whether you are migrating to Odoo 16 community edition or enterprise edition, there are migration charges involved if you avail of Odoo migration services. And if you happen to upgrade to the enterprise edition, you will have to pay charges for obtaining Odoo 16 enterprise edition. 

    So, before you decide to migrate, you should also consider the budget and financial strain it is going to put you through. 

    These are some of the important considerations for you before migrating to Odoo 16. Furthermore, let’s check out the steps for migration. 

    How to Migrate to Odoo 16? 

    ● Firstly, you need to plan for Odoo migration. How much data you will have to migrate, what the structure will be, and so on. This should help you proceed with the following steps of migration. 

    ● Make sure you have only the necessary data and get rid of all the redundant data from your system. Once done, you will have to create a backup of the data. 

    ● Next, set up a test environment for migration. 

    ● Then, you will have to migrate data, apps, and modules from Odoo 15 or other versions to Odoo 16. You can take help from professional Odoo experts for this step. 

    ● Furthermore, you cannot rest until you test the migrated data, apps, and modules thoroughly. You can set up a test environment in Sandbox and check if everything has migrated successfully. It will help you detect if there are any crashes, errors, data loss, and bugs that appeared during migration. You can get rid of them by analyzing them. 

    ● Once the process of migration is complete, you will be able to validate that the migration process has become successful. After you are certain that your data, apps, and modules have been migrated successfully to Odoo 16, you will have to take care of post-migration steps. For instance, updating entries or redirecting URLs from the old ERP system to the new system. 

    Odoo 16 has come with many comprehensive features and updates to its various modules. By migrating to Odoo 16, you will be able to leverage all of its latest features as you wish. However, these considerations will help you decide if migrating to Odoo 16 is the most feasible option. You will also be able to proceed with Odoo 16 migration more accurately.

    Summary: Are you migrating from an existing Odoo ERP software to Odoo 16? Then, you have a lot of things to consider so that the migration process is successful and everything works smoothly. Here, you will learn about all those considerations in addition to the steps of Odoo 16 migration.

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