What is Action Camera Microphone Attachment & How Does It Work?

 People these days will love to shoot with the action cameras like GoPro or similar to have impressive footage, if you don’t have an action camera microphone attachment then your sound quality might suffer. It is a lightweight microphone that might get attached to your action cameras and capture high-quality audios with the video footage.  It also reduces wind noise.

There are various Action Camera Microphone Attachment options available in the market so it would be difficult to choose the best one that fits best with your camera and satisfy your needs.

Action Camera Microphone Attachment

    Few things to keep in mind while choosing the best Action Camera Microphone Attachment

    • First of all, you are required to ensure that the microphone should be compatible to your camera otherwise it would be of no use.
    • The quality of the sound that you want to capture is another major concern.
    • You are required to figure it out how you can connect a microphone to the camera.

    You can attach the Action Camera Microphone Attachment with your camera in two ways either through the adapter or through the hot shoe. The hot shoe method is commonly used by people as here you are not required to carry any adapter or cable. On the hot shoe mount on your camera,     you can twist the attachment.

    If you are not comfortable with this method or you are not having the hot shoe mount then you can make use of an adapter to get the camera attached to the Action Camera Microphone Attachment. There are certain adapters available in the market you have to choose the one as per your requirements.

    Best Microphones for Action Camera

    Rode Video Mic Go

    The Rode microphone is constantly known for its extraordinary sound quality. Rode Video mic Go is likewise simple to utilize. You simply slide this mouthpiece on the hot shoe of the camera and the sound port on the receiver jack. This mouthpiece is likewise an entirely reasonable one. It is a directional mouthpiece.

    • Price: $99.00

    • Power: Supplied by Camera

    • Included accessories: Windshield, TRS patch cable

    • Cable Length: 3.5mm

    Rode Video Mic Pro

    The VideoMic Pro is a bigger choice and something fitter to a DSLR or mirrorless camera. In any case, there is no questioning that the nature of the sound is reasonable for many accounts.

    So for what reason am I recommending this as an action camera microphone attachment? Indeed, few out of every odd arrangement require the receiver to be mounted on top of the camera.

    • Price: $229

    • Power: 9V Battery

    • Best uses Interviews, Sporting Events, and Dialogue to Camera.

    • Included accessories: Windshield.

    Sennheiser MKE 400 Shotgun Microphone:

    It is a small size microphone with commendable sound quality. With Sennheiser MKE 400 you are not required to carry any of the additional wind protectors like a dead cat. Two 1.5v AAA batteries are used in this microphone that can operate approx 300hr. 

    • Price: $199.00

    • Power: 1.5V AAA Battery

    • Best uses Interviews and Sporting Events.

    • Included accessories: Windshield.

    Polar Pro

    For beginners, it is the best choice as they need to just plug it into the camera and it does not require any battery. The wind noise will automatically get removed so you need to require to carry a wind protector. With a small price tag, it can be the best option.

    • Price: $29.99

    • Power: Not required.

    • Best uses Concerts, Motorsports, and Interviews.

    • Included accessories: Windscreen, Mini USB adapter, and right angle adapter.

    • Compatibility: GoPro Hero3+, Hero2, Hero3, Hero4.

    Saramonic SmartRig+

    Saramonic SmartRig+ is a remote mouthpiece connector with Bluetooth, and it's viable with most cell phones and cameras. It catches sound from up to 60 feet away and can sift through foundation commotion.

    Action Camera Microphone Attachment Benefits

    In order to improve the sound quality to a large extent you can make use of the Action Camera Microphone Attachment.  Here are the other benefits that you might get

    High Volume: The microphone will be a lot nearer to the subject than the implicit mouthpiece on the camera, bringing about expanded volume.

    Great Sound Quality: It provides one of the best sound quality by cutting the windy noises.

    Flexible: You can change the position of the microphone as per the camera's requirement.

    How To Use the action camera microphone attachment?

    You have to keep certain points in mind while using the microphone

    1: First of all make sure that the microphone should be properly attached to the camera. If the connection is loose then it may lead to poor sound quality.

    2: Position the microphone close to the sound source so that the recording would be clear and free from any background noise.

    3: Do not forget to use a windshield if you are shooting in a windy environment. This will help to remove the wind noises from the recordings.

    4: When you are recording make sure that environment near you should not be too much noise.


    To capture loving memories you use the action camera but to add the lives to the videos you can make use of the action camera microphone attachment.  It will provide you best sound quality. In this article we have covered different types of action camera microphones you can choose the beST as per your requirements.

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