How To Choose The Best 3 Point Slinger For Camera? [Features, Types, Benefits]

 It is not always convenient to carry a camera in your bag as there are chances of damage. So in these cases, we prefer to use 3 Point Slinger For Camera. When you purchase a camera it comes along with a strap that would be perfect for tourists as they can hang the camera with the help of a strap but sometimes it would be a little bit inconvenient as the camera swings when you move. In some cases, you can hang it on your shoulder but with that, there are more chances that your camera might drop down. If you want to get rid of these damage-causing circumstances then we would suggest you make use of 3 Point Slinger For Camera.

3 Point Slinger For Camera

What is 3 Point Slinger For Camera?

3 Point Slinger For Camera is a unique or modern strap that keeps the camera securely attached to your body. It is one of the portable ways to carry your camera and is one of the most popular products among beginners, amateurs, and professional photographers alike. This might goes over one of your shoulders and hold the devices so that your hands are really free. It would be perfect to use the 3 Point Slinger For Camera in congested places so that you can immediately capture the picture whenever you want to do so.

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Difference Between 2-Point and 3-Point Slinger For Camera

There is a noticeable difference between the two as in 3 Point Slinger For Camera you can freely capture excellent images without much concentration on camera position as the camera is perfectly locked in place. 2 Point slinger is not much convenient as compared to the 3rd one as here you can’t lock your gear.

3 Point Slinger For Camera Benefits

If you want to protect the lens of your camera from any environmental damage then we will highly recommend you to make use of 3 point slinger. Some of the advantages of this gadget are listed below:

Hands-Free Compatible:

It is interesting in such a way that you can even play games while your camera is attached to you. Your hands are completely free as the camera would be perfectly locked in place.

Rapid Action: 

Simply guide them all through your body and lift the camera up, and you're prepared to rapidly work.

Carry Loads Easily:

With this camera slinger, you can easily attach heavy cameras also like a large telephoto lens cameras.

Bottom Attachment:

You'll be ready to pivot the camera normally up to your face when you get it.

Fundamental Purchaser's Guideline on 3 Point Slinger for Camera

When you are about to purchase 3 Point Slinger, keep these points in your mind


The first and foremost thing to keep in mind while making a purchase is to look out for your camera like Canon EOS 1DX DSLR required a significant sling as compared to other cameras.

How To Attach

There are many different ways to attach a sling but most photographers prefer to attach the main camera with the sling on the shoulder.

Comfort Zone:

The camera Strap is padded and comfortable to carry. Your hands will be free and you will feel comfortable carrying 3 Point Slinger for Camera.


It has a strong anchor with two-layer development. At the point when the external layer is ruined by wear and tears, the internal layer transforms into a dazzling red tone to caution you from risk.


The camera slinger came in different colors and designs. You can choose the one that suits you best as per your camera color.


Whether you are a photographer or a videographer make sure to purchase a slinger at a reasonable price. 

Different types of 3 Point Slinger

TrueSHOT 3 Point Slinger for Camera:

• Fast Release Reversible Buckles with Compatible Sling

• Underarm Strap Removable

• Elastic Pocket and  Built-in SD Card Pocket

• Security Tether Strap


• Rapid Shoulder Neck Sling Strap Belt

• Breathable & Comfortable Shoulder Pad

• Adjustable Quick Release Sling Strap

• Cross Body & Camera Strap

TARION Shoulder Neck Strap:

• Anti Slip Surface that helps  to protect the camera from any Accidental Slip

• Good Quality & Comfortable Strap

• Durable Vintage Style Strap

• Made of PU Leather or cotton yard with Nylon Ends

• Comes with Two Metal Eyelets

Cotton Carrier Skout G2:

• World’s Most Pleasant, Secure, and Accessible, Sling Style

• Comfortable, Handfree Skout

• Padded Shoulder, Ventilated Back

• High-Quality Material

• Ergonomic Compact Design

Waka Rapid 3-Point Slinger for Camera:

• Adjustable & Fast Deliverance Strap

• Anti-slip Shoulder Pad that helps to protect the camera from any accidental damage.

• Zippered Storage Compartment

• Metal Plate

• Additional Safety Tether

Altura Rapid Fire:

• Compatible Sling

• Attach Storage Compartment with Shoulder Pad

• Metal Mounting Plate

• Anti-slip Rubber Bottom

• Security Tether


3 point slinger for the camera is a great device for those photographers and videographers to want to take amazing photos in congested places. This device can easily attach to your camera and allows you to take amazing clicks in any of direction while keeping your camera still in one position. Whether you're endeavoring to catch a candid shot or an activity grouping, the Slingshot Simple to use is an incredible instrument for guaranteeing exactness and accuracy while taking photos.

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